Our Commitment

Jeans Stitch House Ltd. aim to uphold our safety standards in all our business activities and continually refine our management systems so as to improve our performance. Our business philosophy is to manufacturing of high quality readymade garments in an international standard safely, on time and budget. This drives us to strive for operational excellence through constant improvement, to do our jobs better, safer and faster each time.

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) is our top priority. Motivated to create a zero-incident workplace, we are constantly improving and innovating to eliminate risks to our people, property and the environment. We will review and continually improve our practices to drive improvements Health, safety, and Environmental performance.

We are committed to:

  • Zero injuries, occupational illnesses, and incidents.
  • Designing, building, operating, and maintaining our factories to effectively manage process safety and other hazards and to minimize process and product risks.
  • Delivering products that contribute to a safer and more sustainable future throughout the product life cycle

Compliance with this Commitment, applicable laws, and other requirements is the responsibility of every employee and upstream and downstream suppliers and a condition of their employment or contract.

Jeans Stitch House Ltd. leadership is committed to supporting this policy with the resources and accountability necessary to achieve this policy.

Capacity Building & championing a safe workplace

Capacity Building & championing a safe workplace We are continuously driving a strong safety culture through leadership, education, empowerment and stakeholders’ involvement in our efforts. We provide leadership for our workforce, influencing positive changes to mindsets, training and equipping personnel with the right skills, as well as enhancing our facilities to create a zero-incident workplace.

Together with our customers and government authorities, we equip every worker and subcontractor with the right skills and exhort them to adopt safe work practices as a way of life.

Our Safety Training Initiative aims to raise safety skills and competency levels across our workforce, including suppliers.

Boiler Safety

The majority of boiler accidents can be prevented. Jeans Stitch House Ltd. participated in Boiler Safety Pilot Program to reduce the risk of potentially fatal boiler explosions. Inspectors from German based engineering firm TUV-SUD performed Boiler safety inspection to assure worker safety. Based on the inspection procedure, our competent team performing Boiler inspection regularly.

Investment for Sustainable Safety Culture

After Rana Plaza Collapse, we have ensured our workers safety as per inspection report of Accord and Alliance and invested for Structural, Fire and Electrical Safety remediation works. All factories of Jeans Stitch House Ltd. successfully completed its remediation works & meet international safety standards. Jeans Stitch House Ltd. is proud to have received recognition letter for all its business unit and to have created a culture of safety that can be sustained over the long term.

In Jeans Stitch House Ltd. safety remain a top priority & we are in the journey of a sustainable culture of safety. In order to do that, we deployed resources in all our factories and invested for safety maintenance work and safety training.